Environmental Policy Statement

Our Commitment
Pownall & Hampson (Ireland) Ltd is committed to the core principles of environmental sustainability. Throughout our operations we strive to minimise our impact on the environment through the efficient management of resources such as energy, water and waste. We also recognise our responsibility to promote and influence good environmental practice throughout our supply chain.

As part of our continued commitment to the environment, we promise to:

  • Meet or exceed our obligations with regard to environmental legislation,
  • Continuously strive for environmental best practice both internally and throughout our supply chain,
  • Maintain clearly documented evidence of our progress towards improved environmental performance,
  • Set annual targets and performance indicators to ensure continued and verifiable environmental progress,
  • Communicate our environmental commitment both internally and externally.

We are proud to be members of Seddex.

Achievements in 2009
To honour this commitment, over the past year Pownall & Hampson (Ireland) Ltd has:

  • reduced the polythene packaging on our products by 35%
  • sourced over 90% of our product fibres from recycled materials
  • switched to a green energy supplier,
  • implemented a system to support the regular monitoring and review our environmental performance

Key Targets for 2010
In order to build on our progress to date, during 2010 we will:

  • Prepare and implement an environmental procurement policy to promote the selection of environmentally superior products and services;
  • Improve our energy, water and waste monitoring procedures and identify opportunities for improved efficiency
  • Identify key performance indicators to support a more robust assessment of our environmental performance
  • Enhance environmental transparency throughout our supply chain

We recognise that the successful implementation of this Policy depends on cooperation at many levels and I would like to thank all staff, customers and suppliers for their support thus far.

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