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Pillows are generally filled either with down and feather or with synthetic fibres. Generally speaking the more feathers in a pillow, the firmer it will be.  If you are allergic to feathers and down, a synthetic pillow is the best option.

Bedroom Couture Pillows

Polycotton Hollowfibre Filling – 1 Pillow, 2 Pillows, Support Pillow
Duck Feather
White Goose Feather and Down
White Goose Down
Double Comfort

Arnotts Karla Bree Collection Pillows

Luxury White Goose Feather & Down
Luxury White Goose Down
Luxury Microfibre

Dunlopillo Pillows

Luxury Latex Pillows
- Celestial
- Super Comfort
- King Size
- Divine Comfort
- Supreme Comfort
- Seventh Heaven

Luxurious Pillows
- Serene
- White Cloud
- Double Comfort
- White Rose Twinpack

Anti-Allergy Pillow

Neuhaus Pillows

Neuhaus Apartment Polycotton Hollowfibre
Neuhaus Manor Luxury All Seasons Feather & Down
Neuhaus Abode Luxury Spiral Fibre


Anti-Allergy Pillow


Hungarian White Goose Down & Feather
Celestial Luxury Goose Down & Latex